Welcome to Foolproof Kitchen!

My mom is a fantastic cook.  In my early teens I decided to join her in the kitchen. She always encouraged me to try recipes – even the complicated ones.  I guess that is why I managed to master Béarnaise Sauce by the age of thirteen.

As an adult, I took my love for being in the kitchen to the next level. I worked at a top catering company and completed two professional chef training courses at Epicurean cooking school in my home town of Los Angeles.

A few years ago I purchased a Vitamix blender. I enjoyed experimenting with smoothies and other blender-based recipes. Then my hormones started to rage. I discovered that one of the ways to try and level off some of the symptoms was to reduce the amount of hormones I ingested. I just needed the recipes and the food needed to taste good.  I decided to cut out animal products and began eating a vegan diet.

I scoured a number of cookbooks and websites that focused on plant-based meals. I ended up with a big stack of recipes. Those deemed good enough went into The Book, my personal collection of recipes I tested, tried, tweaked and ensured are full of taste.

Not long after, I made a spinach-artichoke dip. A friend came over and tasted it.  I gave her the recipe.  A few weeks later she told me she liked it so much she made it several times and passed the recipe along to another friend. I knew that I was on to something.

Thanks to Mom and The Book, which is now a bulging 3” binder and growing, I am thrilled to share my kitchen with you.

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