Recipe tasting, testing and recommendations for the plant based cook. 
It’s all about the food!


There are an overwhelming amount of healthy, plant based and vegan recipes on the internet. 

If you follow food blogs, health newsletters and pinterest you can be overwhelmed with delicious looking foods to try.  How do you know that a recipe can be reproduced with good results in your home kitchen?  Because the ingredients are expensive and your time is valuable, I actually make the recipes and tell you which ones are worth your time and money!

Take a look at the site.  I have placed all the recipes that have proven worthy in the recipe collection tab.

The Tips + Tricks page has great information that will help step up your game in the kitchen, including the best websites to follow, recipe replacement swaps and which foods are best to buy organic.

The Spatula Series features photos of my whimsical spatulas as they work in the kitchen!

All the recipes on the site are plant based or vegan and gluten-free, with an emphasis on using as many organic ingredients as possible.  These recipes are linked to the original source, website or cookbook.  All photos are original and taken by me!

Contact me with any questions or requests.

Karen Furie, FPK