Quinoa Taco Filling

Quinoa Taco Filling

  • What's in it?

Quinoa, vegetable broth, salsa (store bought), nutritional yeast, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt/pepper, olive or avocado oil

  • Where did I find it?

Minimalist Baker, Quinoa Taco Meat

  • Why do I like it?

This recipe really recreates the taste of taco meat.  The spices and salsa blend perfectly to compliment the quinoa.  The texture is chewy, if you cook it longer it becomes crunchy around the edges.  It is a great way to use leftover quinoa or you can make extra quinoa one night and have leftover to make this dish later.  There are many recipes for nut based taco filling, yet I prefer to use quinoa for a change of pace!

  • Any recipe notes or tweaks?

I cut a bit of the chili to make it more mild, but otherwise this recipe is great as is!

One time I had some extra cooked millet in my fridge and tried this recipe with that instead of the quinoa.  It turned out great as well!