Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash Sauce

Mac and Cheese with Butternut Squash Sauce

  • What's in it?

Butternut squash, onion, garlic, coconut oil, salt, pepper, coconut milk, bay leaves, nutritional yeast, mustard, turmeric, gluten-free bread crumbs, paprika, gluten-free pasta-elbows

  • Where did I find it?

Kimberly Snyder, Vegan and Gluten Free Mac 'N Cheese 
  • Why do I like it?

I am always so happy to find a good vegan one dish meal.  You can prep the ingredients before - I cut up the squash the day before and measured out what I needed, then placed the extra cubed squash in the freezer.  

The taste is light and slightly sweet.  There is an option to use hot sauce so that might cut the sweetness a bit.

There were enough for leftovers, which is always a great thing!

  • Any recipe notes or tweaks?

The first time I made it, I followed as written, but I did not add the hot sauce.  It was a bit sweet for me so I made it again.  The second time I used quinoa/rice milk to keep it BD friendly (no nut milk for proper food combining).  I preferred the taste as it was not sweet.  I also used the hot sauce which helped as well.

I used organic, gluten-free brown rice crumbs from Whole Foods, and Quinoa/lentil pasta.