Fresh Beet Detox Smoothie

Fresh Beet Detox Smoothie

  • What's in it?

Coconut water, celery, strawberries, beet, lemon juice, coconut oil, apple, ice

  • Where did I find it?

Pink Power Detox SmoothieOh She Glows, Angela Liddon
  • Why do I like it?

Angela Liddon is one of the best food bloggers out there.  I always have great results with her recipes.  When I saw this on her site, I just had to make it.  First of all, that color!  Secondly, I love the flavor of the fresh beets mixed with strawberry.  This is a very refreshing tasting smoothie.  I also love the health benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables.

  • Any recipe notes or tweaks?

Omitted the avocado to give it a lighter feeling and have less calories.

Sometimes I mix half water/half coconut water.

Sometimes I omit the coconut oil.  I usually use virgin coconut oil in this smoothie as opposed to refined.  If you want to have a neutral, less coconut flavor use the refined oil.