Fig Jam


Fig Jam

  •  What's in it?

Fresh figs, raw honey, water, lemon juice, lemon zest

  • Where did I find it? 

Tasty Yummies, Fig Honey Jam
  • Why do I like it? 

I was looking for a recipe to make a jam or preserve with a huge bag of figs from my friend's tree. I wanted a recipe that didn't use any pectin or refined sugar.   This recipe is very easy with only a few ingredients.  You do have to stay close by to stir and break up the figs with a potato masher, but still it is a very easy technique. 

  • Any recipe notes or tweaks? 

The first time I made this I didn't change anything.  The honey and lemon flavors dominated the fig.  The next time, I increased the amount of figs by 50% so I used 3 pounds of figs instead of 2 as the recipe states.   I prefer it with the larger amount of figs and will make it this way in the future.