Coconut Apple Rings

coconut apple ring.JPG

Coconut Apple Rings

  • What's in it?

Organic honeycrisp apples, homemade almond butter, coconut butter, sesame seeds, shredded coconut

  • Where did I find it?

Almond Butter technique from Detoxinista
Toasted Coconut / Sunflower Seed mixture, Clean Food Dirty Girl, Toasted Coconut Kale Salad (scroll down to bottom of post for recipe)
  • Why do I like it?

I discovered that coconut butter and nut butter taste like a decadent treat when you eat them together.  I had some of the toasted coconut/sunflower seed mixture in my fridge and decided to sprinkle some on top.  It was really good!  I discovered this during the 5 week period I was giving up processed foods and sugar.  The texture of the crisp, juicy apple balance the stickiness of the butters.  The toasted topping adds a bit of crunch.


  • Any recipe notes or tweaks?

I did try it with both almond and peanut butter and both tasted great.  It would probably be great with a tart, green apple or any variety of apple you prefer.