Cold-Brewed Coffee

Cold-Brewed Coffee

  • What's in it?

Ground, organic coffee, filtered water

  • Where did I find it?

Food 52, How to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee
  • Why do I like it?

The flavor is outstanding.  Very intense without being bitter.  It is nice to be able to keep on hand in the fridge when making recipes that call for coffee - you don't have to wait for the coffee to cool before making your recipe.  You can use organic and decaf!

I use this for several recipes, coffee coconut milk ice cream, Paleo coffee ice cream and coffee banana shake.

  • What did I change from the original recipe?

I get the coffee at Whole Foods and grind the entire bag there.  Then I measure out 3/4 of coffee already ground.  The original recipe asks for 3/4 whole beans that you grind after measuring.  

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