Recipe for a Well Nourished Life

As I present wonderful foods to create on this blog I also want to include a recommendation for part the recipe that helped me become a whole person.  Body, mind and spirit are the essential components that come together to that end.  For the body we have nourishment through foods, creating those foods, exercise and loving connections with others.  For the mind and spirit there are many disciplines. Here is one that made all the difference to me on my journey towards balance and healing.

Since the 2009 I have had been blessed to be able to work with Heather Foxhall, a shamanic healer.  Her therapeutic methods got me through the worst crisis of my life.  I am honored to share a passage from her website outlining her philosophy.  If you are experiencing a healing crisis or looking for a non-traditional method of therapy I highly recommend you contact her for a session or two.

*Please note - I am not being paid for this post, it is a recommendation from my heart.

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Recipe for a Well Nourished Spiritual and Emotional Life -

by Heather Foxhall

Want to go to the next level and nourish not only your body but also your spirit?

Then experience the healing work of Heather Foxhall as she shares –the manna—the spiritual nourishment- that is at the core of both Spiritual and emotional well being.

Using shamanic techniques along with color and sound-Ms. Foxhall has created an energy medicine—a way of directing the manna-- that goes to the core…the heart of energetic/emotional imbalances. These imbalances can be the precursor to illness whether it is emotional, mental and or physical.

Heather’s deep intuitive wisdom and healing gifts have helped multitudes of people from around the globe to breakthrough dis-ease and limitations- and expand into the wholeness of living from the truth and wisdom of their hearts –the manna of life.

Heather Foxhall has had a private intuitive/shamanic healing practice since 1994. She has travelled internationally with a global healing/peace initiative-The Global Wisdom Council-which she found in 1998.

For further information or an appointment email Heather at